Productive Online Board Meetings

Online board meetings that produce results depend on several elements, including an agenda that is well-prepared clear communication protocols and dependable technology. Despite these hurdles, boards who are willing to implement best practices that have been proven will be able to attain high levels productivity.

Begin your meeting by having an open discussion. Asking questions that require participants to speak up is a great way to get people talking. In addition, beginning your meeting by conducting a poll or survey tool can help you identify areas that need improvement.

Limit the time you devote on reports and other “must-do” items. If you drown attendees in boring reports, they’ll quickly lose interest and concentration. As a general rule you should limit your time to 25 percent of your time to these types of discussions. This will enable more strategically planned discussions.

Make sure your meetings are enjoyable for everyone that attends. Utilize the Boardable platform to encourage participation and create a welcoming atmosphere for all attendees. Encourage members of the board to be present and on time, observe standard meeting etiquette and maintain a high degree of professionalism.

A productive online board meeting requires board members to be aware of how their work in the organization is impacting others. Boardable’s Task Manager and Minutes Maker make it easy for members to update their roles between meetings and remain informed about developments and issues. This facilitates collaboration and creates an effective and more lively online meeting.

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